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About Me

Talented UX/UI design architect with the proven know-how to combine creative and usability viewpoints resulting in world-class Web, Mobile & Desktop applications. 17+ years of success in optimizing user engagement for various brands. Expert in providing a compelling user experience and visual design to improve brand loyalty, customer retention, and visit-to-order ratios.

Has extensive experience in Qualitative & Quantitative Research, Interviews, Contextual Inquiry, Goal & Task Analysis, Personas, Scenarios, Storyboarding, Wireframing, Prototyping, A/B testing, Lean Concepts, and Agile environment. Specializing in Visual Design, Interaction Design, Motion Graphics, Pixel Perfect Mockups High Fidelity Interactive Wireframes, Typography, Color Theory, Interface Design Standards, and Guidelines. Strong experience in the full software design and development life-cycle from concept through delivery of enterprise portals, next-generation mobile applications’ and customized solutions.

Passion for user-centered design and desirable, usable products, and any UI Design Architect. A strong leader takes charge when needed. Manages products, projects & teams, with delivery assurance. Entrepreneurial minded with business acumen. Very “Big”-picture oriented. An exceptional combination of right brain/left brain strengths. Problem-solver and innovator. The ongoing quest to learn about new technology and utilize it in my day to day work.

Sponge for Information, Avid reader of industry publications and what-ever that interests me. Easy going, Absolute no EGO, fast learner, hungry to be challenged.
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Portfolio Section

My Latest Engagements:


Employer: FinLocker LLC

Project: Secure Financial Locker

Contributing as: UX Architect /Lead UI UX Designer /Developer

Technologies: AngualrJS, Reactjs, Redux, Less, Material Design , Material Design Lite +more.


Previous Engagement:

Employer: Harris Corporation /USN /USMC


Contributing as: UX Architect /Lead UI UX Designer /Developer

Technologies: Reactjs, Redux, Less, Material Design , Material Design Lite +more.

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What I Do



Freehand Illustrations

Print & Digital Graphic Design

Branding Design & Marketing

Website Design & Development

Mobile Application Design & Development

Enterprise Application Design & Development

2d & 3d Modeling & Animation

Board Drafting /CADD Engineering

Motion Graphics

Audio /Video Production & Editing

Mechanical Engineering Design

Industrial Engineering Design

Architectural Design



Technical Skills & Tools of the Trade



My main focus in my career is being creative, as so I typically serve as a UX Architect / Lead UI UX Designer with development experience dating back to 1987.

Design & Visualization:

Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Omni Graf, InDesign, Balsamic, Experience Design, Freehand Illustration, InVision, Axure

Development /Software Engineering:

Vanilla Javascript, Reactjs, Angular 1&2, Knockout, Nodejs, JQ Widgets, Polymer, Vue js, Sencha, Extjs, Elements, Kendo UI, Win js, Jquery, JqueryUI, Foundation, HTML / HTML5, CSS, ES6, Java, .net, PHP, JSP, JSF, Primefaces, Hadoop, Typescript, AnyCharts, D3js, HighCharts, Easeljs, Createjs, Velocity js, Tableau, PowerBI, Flash, Flex, GWT /SmartGwT, Raphael, Unit js, Handlebars js, Mustache, Mocha, Jasmine, Backbone, Emberjs, Mojito, prototype js, Modernizer, Pascal / Turbo Pascal.

Audio /Visual:

ProEngineering, 3DStudioMax, Maya, Softimage, After Effects, ProTools, Vegas, Premier

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25+ years in Graphic Design

15+ years in UI Design & Architecture

15+ years in Motion Graphics and Animation

15+ years in Software Development

15+ years in UX and Human Centered Design Research

15+ IT and Web Technologies

8+ years various Mobile platforms, specializing in Mobile User interfaces and User Experience Design.

10+ years managing and documenting technical projects and leading teams to turn abstract ideas into valuable products that advance business goals.

7+ years of project management (PMP Certified)

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Saint Louis, Missouri