About Tim Lee


A Talented UX/UI design architect with the proven know-how to combine 

creative and usability viewpoints resulting in world-class Web, Mobile & 

Desktop applications. 17+ years of success in optimizing user engagement 

for various brands. Expert in providing a compelling user experience and 

visual design to improve brand loyalty, customer retention, and visit-to-order 


Has extensive experience in Qualitative & Quantitative Research, Interviews, 

Contextual Inquiry, Goal & Task Analysis, Personas, Scenarios, Storyboarding, 

Wireframing, Prototyping, A/B testing, Lean Concepts, and Agile environment. 

Specializing in Visual Design, Interaction Design, Motion Graphics, 

Pixel Perfect Mockups High Fidelity Interactive Wireframes, Typography, 

Color Theory, Interface Design Standards, and Guidelines. 

Strong experience in the full software design and development life-cycle 

from concept through delivery of enterprise portals, next-generation 

mobile applications’ and customized solutions.

Passion for user-centered design and desirable, usable products, and any 

UI Design Architect. A strong leader takes charge when needed. Manages 

products, projects & teams, with delivery assurance. Entrepreneurial minded 

with business acumen. Very “Big”-picture oriented. An exceptional combination 

of right brain/left brain strengths. Problem-solver and innovator. 

The ongoing quest to learn about new technology and utilize it in my day 

to day work.

  • Possesses a Deep knowledge of full user experience design process 

  • and I had the ability to contribute at any level- I possess hands-on 

  • experience with Sketch and Adobe Creative Suite for wire-framing 

  • and prototyping.

  • Extensive experience with HTML – HTML5, CSS – CSS3, LESS & SaaS

  • Extensive experience designing and developing rich, interactive 

  • data visualizations i.e. BI | Big Data / Analytics

  • Dashboard (D3, jQuery, Tableau, Hadoop)

  • Strong understanding of web standards, design pattern’s and 

  • cross-browser compatibility

  • Extensive experience with 508 compliance

  • Experienced with JS frameworks (AngularJS-2, ExtJS, Node.js, Reactjs, 

  • Vanilla JS – started experimenting with javascript in 1993.

  • Solid understanding of application server and database development, 

  • including data structures and algorithms

  • Relational database experience with Oracle & SQL

  • Experience with Agile development methodology and the application 

  • of as Scum Master

  • Experience with “Cloud” AWS & Azure

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively

  • Problem solver and technology enthusiast

  • Creative, innovative, and resourcefulness

  • Willingness to learn, teach and to innovate in a rapidly changing market

Sponge for Information, Avid reader of industry publications and what-ever that 

interests me. Easy going, Absolute no EGO, fast learner, hungry to be challenged.